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Bathrooms Supplied & Fitted

Your bathroom is a place where you can relax at the end of the day and because of this you will want to make sure that it looks good. If you think it could do with an update, then our bathroom installations and refurbishments team are on hand to help. We have an eye for design and excellent installation skills meaning that we can create the perfect bathroom for your needs. This means that you can look forward to having somewhere that you can really kick back and relax, so get in touch with us to start putting the wheels in motion.

Wall & Floor Tiling

Choosing the finishing touches when you have spent a long time decorating a room in your home can be great fun, but once you have chosen your tiles you need to make sure that there is somebody on hand who has the ability to fit them professionally, too. This can make a really major difference and can look a lot neater, so our team are ideal for this service. We are meticulous in our technique, meaning that you can guarantee flawless results, which is certainly something to work towards if you are looking for the ideal way to finish a room in your home.

Full Central Heating Installations

Trouble with your central heating system can be a huge inconvenience, and getting it fixed as soon as possible is definitely what you will be aiming for. Our team have the skills and training to identify and deal with issues related to your heating system, meaning that your downtime will be as little as possible. This means that your system is in the best possible hands with us, so if you’re looking for a team who have just the skills to deal with any central heating issues that you might have, get in touch with us today and we would love to help you.

Boiler Changes

If you haven’t updated your boiler since you moved into your property, then you may find that it’s out of date, and costing you a huge amount of money every single month on your bills. If this is the case, then our team can help, by assisting you in choosing a new boiler that will suit your home. Once you have replaced your boiler you are likely to see a decrease in your bills instantly, and this makes it a great investment into your home finances – so get in touch with our experts to find out exactly how we can help you.

Power Flushing

Over time, you will find that your heating system gets clogged with various things including sludge and rust. If you don’t get rid of these things, then you could find that your heating isn’t as efficient as it should be. For this reason, it is a good idea to make the most of the power flushing service that our team have to offer. Our service can help your system to be as efficient as it can possibly be, meaning you can enjoy heat throughout your home. To book an appointment, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

System Upgrades

You always need to make sure that your heating system is working as efficiently as possible, as this means that you can save money on your energy bills. If you feel that it might be time for a heating system upgrade then our team can help you. We are trained in system installation and can work with you to decide on the best choice for your needs. You are sure to notice the difference in your heating as soon as it’s installed, so if you’re looking for a heating system that you will be thrilled with, book your consultation today.

Boiler Installation & Repairs

We complete full installation and repairs on all boilers. We supply and install all boilers from the main manufacturers. We are Gas Safe Registered, so please rest assured that we will complete any installation or repair to the highest of standards.

General Plumbing Maintenance or Repair

There are many reasons that plumbing is an important part of your home, and when something goes wrong it can be incredibly inconvenient. So, if you have an issue with your plumbing, you should get in touch with our team, as we are experts with plumbing repairs. We have many skills across all areas of plumbing, so every single job will be approached in the best way possible. Solving issues with your plumbing promptly is always key, and we are able to do this for you, so give us a call and touch base with our team to find out more.
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